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DB>doc for Microsoft SQL Server is simple tool for generating documentation for Microsoft SQL Server database. The tool will map database structure, read information about tables, views, constraints etc., combine them with available descriptions and generate documentation in various formats:
  • HTML - hyperlinked and optimized for both reading online and printing
  • WikiPlex - text file with WikiPlex markup, as used here on CodePlex
  • XML - XML file, which can be used for other processing (the above formats are in fact generated from this XML using XSLT transformations)

The main idea is to serve as a complementary tool to database diagrams, focusing on columns in tables and their meaning (common database diagrams focus to entity relationships).

The tool currently supports Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2. It should work for SQL Server 2005 too, but was not tested. Supported objects are tables and views. Support for additional object types such as stored procedures and functions may be added in future versions, based on users interest. Create new issue or vote for existing to express your interest.


DB>doc is console application, used from command line and controlled by various switches. Run it without parameters to show all possible arguments. The most typical usage would be to generate HTML documentation from database with given connection string:

sqldbdoc "SERVER=.\SqlExpress;TRUSTED_CONNECTION=yes;DATABASE=AdventureWorks" aw-doc.htm

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